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Oysters (de 13,80 € à 26,10 €)

- Creuses de Bretagne "Pascal Magné" - n°3 size
- Fines de Claire Marennes Oléron -  n°2 size, n°3 size and n°4 size
- Spéciales Perles de l'impératrice "Joël Dupuch" - n°3 size
- Spéciales "David Hervé" - n°2
- Spéciales Ostra Regal "famille Boutrais" -  n°5 size "Papillon"
- Belons or flat - n°2 size

Shellfish and seafood (4 € to 25 €)

- Clam
- Spanish mussels
- Shrimps
- Fresh cooked langoustines
- Whelks
- Prawns
- Small clams
- Fresh crab

Our seafood platters (35 € to 78 €)

All our platters can be prepaed for one or more people according to your desire

Oyster tasting
2 n°2 size Belons, 2 n°2 size Fines de Claire, 2 n°5 size Spéciales,
2 n°3 size Spéciales, 2 n°3 size Bretonnes, 2 n°4 size Fines de Claires

Ocean platter
6 n°3 size Creuses, 6 n°4 size Fines de Claire, whelks, 4 Spanish mussels,
4 small clams, 2 prawns, 4 almonds sea, crevettes grises, shrimps


1/2 canadian lobster, 1/2 crab, 3 langoustines, 4 prawns, shrimps

Les Grandes marches platter

7 n°3 size Creuses oysters, 2 n°2 size Claires, 2 n°5 size spéciales oysters, small clams,
3 Spanish mussels, 1 clam, 1 crab, 3 prawns, langoustines, whelks, and shrimps

Opéra platter

3 n°3 size Claires, 3 n°3 size Spéciales, 3 n°3 size Creuses oysters,
whelks, 5 prawns, 3 langoustines, and 1 Canadian lobster

Starters (7,50 € to 21,30 €)

Fried calamari with lemon
Tuna tartare with lime and olive oil
Large Burgundy snails served in their shells
House prepared Duck foie gras
Traditional Parisian-style onion soup au gratin
Beech-smoked Scottish salmon sliced by hand
Tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella with basil
Avocado and prawn cocktail with grapefruit

Big Salad :
Chicory salad with Roquefort
Caesar-style little gem lettuce heart salad
Octopus salad with organic quinoa

Fish (18 € to 28.50 €)

Baked scallops with baby spinach and lemongrass butter sauce
Steamed cod steak with aubergine caviar
Fish and chips with tartare sauce
Grilled octopus
Risotto al verde (vegetarian dish)

Meat (16.50 € to 25 €)

Grilled prime beef sirloin with beranaise sauce
Duck confit with sarlat-style parsley potatoes
Veal Milanese escalope and parmesan linguine
Roast leg of  "Allaiton de l'Aveyron" lamb
The classic beef tartare of lean meat "minced to order and prepared as you like it"
Pan-fried hanger beef steak with caramelised shallots
Traditional gourmet hamburger              
Fillet of beef skewer with chimichurri sauce sauce

Platter of mature cheeses (11 €)

Desserts (7,50 € to 10 €)

Pineapple carpaccio, fruit minestrone and orange mousse
Brioche French toast with salted butter caramel ice cream
Crème brûlée with brown sugar and vanilla
Selection of ice creams and sorbets
Strawberry melba and meringues with pink pralines
Guanaja dark chocolate mousse and pistachio financier
Seasonnal fruit shortcruist tart
Gourmet baba soaked in Saint James amber rum

Traditionnal french cuisine
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